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This page provides a consolidated source for some useful photography information, some free, some for fee. The Big Canoe Photography Club does not endorse any site, individual, or group.

Beginner's Corner

Photography Basics - The Beginner's Guide - YouTube Video - Getting Started

Photography Basics - Various Topics - YouTube Video - Beginner Topics

Coursera – Photography Basics Coursera - Photography Basics Website

Big Canoe Photography Lecture – Camera Basics - PowerPoint Presentation

Elements of Photography

Exposure Triangle

Exposure Triangle Basics - Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO - YouTube Video

Exposure Triangle in Practice YouTube Video


Adobe Lightroom Classic Tutorials - Adobe Lightroom Classic Website

Photoprinting Powerpoint - Kathleen Gill  Presentation

Education Courses - Websites

Creative Live - Creative Live Website

Bear Woods Photography - Bear Woods Photography

Bryan Peterson School of Photography - Bryan Peterson Website

iPhone Photography School -  iPhone Photography School Website

KelbyOne - Scott Kelby - KelbyOne Website, KelbyOne YouTube Playlist

Julieanne Kost (Lightroom Training Videos) Training Videos

John Mariana  - John Mariana WebsiteJohn Mariana YouTube Playlist

Photography Life - Photography Life Website

Education - YouTube

Adorama TV - Mark Wallace - Mark Wallace Playlist

B&H Photo Video - Playlists on various topics - B&H Playlist

Matt Kloskowski (primarily post-processing) - Matt Kloskowski YouTube Playlist

Anthony Morganti (Lightroom how-tos)  - Anthony Morganti YouTube Channel

Craig Tanner (Daily Critiques and more) -  Mindful Eye YouTube Channel


Focus on the Exposure Triangle – Mark Wallace

Part 1 Exposure Triangle Basics - Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO - Exposure Triangle Part 1

Part 2 What stops mean when setting up your shutter, aperture and ISO settings -  Exposure Triangle Part 2

Part 3 How aperture and lens choice affect depth of field - Exposure Triangle Part 3

Part 4 Slow vs fast shutter speed to control motion; some basic rules of thumb for shutter speeds when shooting handheld - Exposure Triangle Part 4

Part 5 More on Aperture Values. What does the "f" in f/2.8 mean? Why is 2.8 a large opening and 16 a small opening? Why do aperture values change when you zoom your lens? Exposure Triangle Part 5

Part 6 Auto ISO is a very helpful feature found on most cameras. How auto ISO works and how you can control it to work with the kind of photography you want to do - Exposure Triangle Part 6

Abstract Photography – Kathleen Gill - Presentation pdf

Product Reviews

Digital Photography Review -  DP Review Website

Other Useful Links

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General Photography Information

The Digital Photography School - Weekly Photography Tips (free)

Craftsy - Online classes in various subjects (for a fee)

Hacking Photography - Online Tips and Tutorials (free)

Craft and Vision - David DuChemin's YouTube Channel with many video Tutorials (free)

Smartphone Photography 101 - tips and techniques (mostly free)

A tedious explanation of f-stop - just what it says (free)

The Ultimate Savings Guide for Beginner Photographers: 50+ Tips and Resources

Lightroom Useful Links

Lightroom Information Adobe TV - Lightroom - Adobe's Video Tutorials for Lightroom (free)

Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic CC - a comparison of the two versions available from Adobe

Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic - 10 Key Differences

Creating a Collection in Lightroom - Checklist

Importing Your Photos into Lightroom - Checklist

Creating a Preset in Lightroom - Checklist

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