About Us

The Big Canoe Photography Club is for the enrichment and enjoyment of Big Canoe residents interested in photography. The club is open to resident photographers of all levels. We encourage newcomers to the hobby to join us.

We strive to be very inclusive so that all who participate will enjoy. We meet monthly, have semi-regular workshops, occasional group outings and a monthly "Review", where members submit images anonymously for a peer review at our regular meetings.

The club meets at 9:30 AM on the third Saturday of each month at the Swim Club (next to the Fitness Center)


In 2013 Randy Lewis, Paul Powers, Rhonda Stock and June Lewis met and set forth the plans for a Photography club. The club met with a great deal of community interest and grew rapidly. Many of the members were inspired to take photography classes and have grown tremendously in their skill.

The club has yearly exhibits and in 2017 we were a featured exhibit of the Bowen Art Center in Dawsonville.

The club presently has more than 70 members and continues to grow.

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